CHALIS or Coverholder at Lloyd's Insurance System is an additional suite of programs designed to assist with gathering and importing data into the core NOVUS back office application. CHALIS can also be implemented as a stand alone application for use with existing systems.

It comprises a simple bordereaux mapping tool to set up and save templated configurations to assist with the repetitious and time consuming manipulation of source spreadsheets from Agents into a consistent layout and format ready for import. It makes a time consuming process a simple one click action.

These spreadsheets may be either large schedules of Risk Items, such as fleets of vehicles, properties, ships or aircraft, or the import of wholesale monthly Bordereaux sent in from the multitude of different systems (together with those handcrafted creations) to process against the master contract. The results are to produce financial technical entries, risk data and onward bordereaux or reporting.

CHALIS also comprises a Broker Portal to support B2B and B2C business processing, with a templated construction, designed to London Market structures and constraints. This Product builder offers options for

  • Branding
  • Quick Quote
  • Question sets
  • Rating engine
  • Acceptance
  • Document Production
  • "Click & Bind" 
  • "Click & Pay"
  • Reporting & MI dashboards

Integration options vary, from downloading ready to process Bordereaux monthly, weekly, daily or as required, to real time auto push into NOVUS's processing queue balancing the need for few touch points at the same time as retaining human control.

We have developed a commercial offering that understands that new products developed by MGA's, Coverholders and Brokers can take time to show tangible returns. CHALIS has been developed to address a need the market has had for a long time. To arrange a demo or ask any questions, contact