Why choose Morning Data?


Providing an end-to-end system to take care of all your processing tasks, from issuing documents to processing claims.



Systems, solutions, and service tailored to your very individual needs with a highly responsive, speedy turnaround.   A friendly, personable and highly knowledgeable understanding of the insurance market.


MGAs are agile businesses, continually bringing innovative solutions to the market. Not only is there the need to support the end-to-end processing. MGAs need to be able to deploy innovative solutions quickly and have the ability to capture granular risk level data.


NOVUS is a highly cost-effective management and production solution with no hidden costs and a wealth of innovative functionality. Morning Data blends this with an experienced team, all CII qualified, that will work closely with you. NOVUS comes with a library of Risk Level Data capture screens that enable recording of the granularinformation you need to manage and enhance your MI and the performance of your operation. Coupled with our web portal solution, Morning Data can support all the needs of your MGA.








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