Captive Insurance Solutions


Providing an end-to-end system to take care of all your processing tasks, from issuing documents to processing claims.



Systems, solutions, and service tailored to your very individual needs with a highly responsive, speedy turnaround.   A friendly, personable and highly knowledgeable understanding of the insurance market.


The increasing regulatory reporting requirements, such as Solvency II and IFRS17, is placing further pressure on Captive operations, to have the data available to meet these requirements whilst maintaining the attractive advantages that Captive insurance operation offer.  Morning Data can help you with that challenge, by leveraging our suite of solutions.


End-to-end processing   Data enrichment
Solvency II   IFRS-17
Claims processing   Documentation production
Dataview reporting   Global data standards compliant


Morning Data provide a number of Captive Management Solutions that are configurable to any captive organisation, new or old. Using the processing power of the HELIX solution, additional management systems can implemented to ensure that your organisation is efficiently capturing and reporting valuable data. 








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