Connected Four

A data-first, end-to-end PAS solution designed for brokers and MGAs, fitting SME budgets. This solution enables control of workflows, smooth onboarding, access to critical data and documents, and easy connection to downstream systems. It combines Eos Hub for self-service and automation, Novus for robust policy administration, Contract Checker for MRCv3 and CDR compliance, and Whitespace integration to eliminate rekeying. This future-proof solution streamlines and transforms administration, compliance, and digital trading capabilities.

Paul explains more in our short video.

Eos Hub

  • Digital engagement with your clients
  • An integrated self-service solution
  • Digitally Onboard customers
  • Empowering a data first approach


  • Seamless end-to-end processing
  • Flexible partner management
  • Supports all types and styles of insurance
  • Blueprint Two Ready
  • Communicate readily with Placing platforms, rating and Messaging

Contract Checker

  • Validate data against business and data standards rules
  • Pre-defined rulesets for MRCv3 and CDR out of the box
  • Option to build proprietary business rulesets


  • Novus is connected into Whitespace
  • Access Whitespace through the Novus platform interface

In today’s data-driven world, our ecosystem leverages a data-first approach to ensure seamless integration and optimised interactions. Anchored by the Novus Policy System for precise policy management, it includes the Eos Digital Onboarding system for efficient partner integration, a Contract Checker for data validation, and the Whitespace platform for unified transactions. Together, these systems create a robust infrastructure that enhances accuracy, efficiency, and value in the insurance industry.