We do things a little differently. The ethos of the Morning Data community brings clients together to exchange ideas and requirements in an ever-changing industry, where new initiatives are launched, often faster than white papers get printed. By the time someone has worked out how these requirements should be implemented they have either been made a regulatory requirement or been dropped, never mind the cost associated with a project, irrespective of its success or not.

The system delivers one of the widest scopes of any product in its class, providing companies with a single system for all their business needs: Risk and Claims management, IBA accounting, Company Accounts, Document Production and Management Reporting, compliance checks and provision for Solvency II data handling, for all processing styles. Combine with that the knowledge the system is designed and supported by a team of IT specialists with Insurance qualifications, and you get an excellent combination.

Pooling the minds of Industry practitioners and developers has bought fast turnaround of new features to meet the demands of the FCA, other regulatory bodies and individual Auditors.

Continuous Development

As a software development company we are continuously working to improve and enhance our product by researching new ideas and testing new ways to achieve tasks in a simpler and quicker manner. Every challenge met by the team is always solved with the user at the forefront of our concerns. New features and enhancements are added regularly to the software and our clients can be involved in every step of the process.

Support Log

Our unique relationships with our clients and our commitment to offer them a service which feels bespoke means we encourage requests, suggestions and requirements. We endeavour to include them all on an individual basis, without momentous updates, down time or lengthy design and development processes. Many suggetsions are built into the system free of charge, and we can accommodate others on a commissioned basis. We believe we are the only software provider within the London Market to offer this benefit to our clients.