Morning Data Professional Development

Morning Data continue to take its commitment to Continuous Professional Development very seriously, with all new starters being immediately enrolled to start their Cii certification journey. Chris who started at the beginning of the year hit the floor running and has passed his first hurdle The Foundation module. Next step LM1 and 2 for his London Market knowledge. Combined with his time spent with three of the NOVUS User Group clients he is really getting the baptism of fire. Richard who started at the beginning of June had already started his study of the same Foundation module before his start date so we await his exam date and again a successful pass with any luck. 

As developers it is that "fish and water" situation to be sitting exams in Insurance rather than but we have found over the years the need to be traditionally trained in our clients’ business has not just proved valuable but as we exists in a regulatory environment fast becoming essential. 

Sue passed her long awaited LM2 enabling her to get stuck into her Commercial Insurance Packages module with her exam over the Summer and Peter who will be doing his Claims exam will bring the full established team to Cert Cii level all in London Market and three with Claims as well. 

It isn’t just in insurance that we regard knowledge and training to be essential. Mike is commencing his course in Accounting and all the staff have had their compliance training to be able to spot new elements in the FCA regulation and guidelines we need to adopt, control, track or supply reportage for.