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Our Clients

Morning Data's client list continues to grow as we expand into new territories whilst continuing to move forward and support those in which we are already strong. To be part of an active user group why not request a call-back.

eNOVUS for Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers

eNOVUS is a state of the Art Enterprise solution for Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers providing Risk, Claims and Cash Management. With support for FCA, Lloyd's and International regulatory Compliance, Controlled process management and Audit and documentation production. Brokers of all sizes can benefit from reduced costs and increased efficiencies.

Find out more about how eNOVUS can help you with...

  • Client Money Management & clever Reporting
  • Binding Authorities, Prop & Non Prop Treaties
  • Powerful Marine Tracking & Risk Mapping
  • Facultative, Binder, Lineslips & Facilities
  • Extensive Sanctions Checking & FCA reporting
  • All Classes of Non-Life Insurance & Reinsurance

The Team

Morning Data is a high-tech team in whom professionalism and customer service are combined with vision and integrity. The faces you see are the voices you hear on the phone and the names you will see assigned to your queries on the support website.

Kirstin Duffield
Managing Director (CEO)

After graduating with a BSc Computer Science degree and working in the IT marketing and training field for six years Kirstin applied her skills in Morning Data to bring enhanced client relations. Kirstin took the helm of Morning Data in 2006 and has led...

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